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I then tilted the bag so that all the wet plaster went to one side of the bag and I snipped the corner off at the other side. This made it easier to transfer the plaster to the squeeze bottle. I just tucked the snipped-off end into the bottle opening and squeezed gently. It was mostly mess free.

plaster fun time

By the way, this is where I mention that you should never put wet plaster down the sink. Always discard extra wet plaster and plaster messes in the trash. Once the squeeze bottle was full, I attached a balloon over the end of the bottle then turned the bottle upside down and squeezed as much plaster into the balloon as I could.

The instructions at First Palette are great on this point. If you try to do it in more that one, you just end up squeezing the plaster back and forth between the balloon and squeeze bottle.

Plaster Fun Time

Next, gently pull the balloon off the squeeze bottle, let any extra air escape, then tie the end. After a while, the plaster changes consistency, becoming more gel like. Then heats up. And finally hardens.

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Once it heats up, you have to hold the plaster-filled balloon in whatever shape you want the final sculpture to be. And you have to have the patience to hold it that way for a while. Maia had the patience and the motivation not to mention the manual dexterity!

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